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April 8, 2011


Hello from Loughborough, England!

The sun is shining this morning, so that is lovely. I had a great sun meditation this morning and slowly but surely, I’m getting a little more sleep each night. Fortunately, they have a lovely steam room here and I am able to get some deep relaxation there each day.

After over 20 years of almost constant international jet travel, my body has really begun to resent leaving home.

Today, I will be giving a workshop on my Primal Pattern Movement ® system.

It still constantly amazes me that exercise and medical professionals worldwide have very poor general understanding of movement. There is a tremendous willingness to simply copy or parrot what others are doing and repeat that with clients and themselves without any legitimate understanding of the short or long term effects  of the movement patterns being used.

There is even less understanding of the anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology of movement.

As I visit places like Loughborough, a University that specializes in sports science, I see an over investment in technology and ideas, often without an essential grasp of foundation principles or “basics”, I’m reminded of the blessing of being raised on a farm where practical thinking and actions are the way.

I fear to think what would have come of me if I’d been an academic success without first having been a practical success!

So, that said, I’d love to share some of my practical wisdom on a very challenging issue for many today, which is parasite infections.


Well, since many of you probably got a mind full on the vegetarian issue, I thought I’d just keep you entertained for another day or two with the issue of human parasite infections.

This is a very complex, vast topic. My intention today is not to teach you how to be an expert on the treatment of parasites. It is to teach you the absolute essentials of how to prevent parasite infections, which can be both debilitating and life threatening!

Parasite infections, as terrible as they may sound, are essential to healthy animal and human existence. Parasites serve many important functions in the body, which include:

A.    Helping you break down excess waste.

B.    Providing fresh, raw, live protein for your own needs.

C.    Informing your immune system of what’s in the environment.

D.    Stimulating your immune system.

E.    Aiding the modulation of body systems as needed to minimize disease.

Current research published in parasite books suggest that approximately 90% of the world population has an active parasite infection.

100% of people have parasites though. They are an essential part of the healthy biological functioning of any living organism.

The key difference between having parasites and having a parasite infection lies in the word “infection”. When we have a parasite infection, it means that the parasites have become able to control our inner environment such that it favors thriving on their part, not yours!

Once someone has a parasite infection, they begin to:

A.    Over-consume your food and resources, leading to potentially debilitating vitamin and nutrient deficiencies.

B.    Alter the pH of body compartments, causing autonomic dis-regulation.

C.    Eat into and bury their eggs in their favorite glands, organs and tissues, including your eyes and brain!

In the image you see here, taken from my slide show titled, Are Parasites Robbing Your Performance?, I show an actual picture of a human eye with a Toxocara worm infection.

(By the way, kissing dogs, cats, or pets in general and getting their saliva on you or walking where dogs and pets poop in bare feet is a great way to get this kind of infection!)

The most successful parasite at infecting human beings is the Ascaris worm.

This little creature, as you can see in my photo here, can grow very large, with the females reaching over 16 inches long. They get into your intestinal tract and create nests and commonly create both abdominal swelling and intestinal blockage. This blockage is usually only identified as constipation, and seldom as the result of a parasite infection.

The ascaris worm is more common in women than men because they have higher levels of progesterone.

For example, in a paper titled: Comparative Study on Presentation of Biliary Ascariasis with Dead and Living Worms, by Shahinul Alam, Golam Mustafa, Salimur Rahman, Shamsul A. Kabir, Harun O. Rashid, and Mobin Khan, the following can be found:

One hundred and thirteen patients (81.9%) in our study were adult females. It is possible that the hormone progesterone in this age group of females leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles of the sphincter of Oddi, allowing easy access of the Ascaris worms into the CBD (common bile duct).

Progesterone is a known inhibitor of smooth muscle contraction.[1620] Though BPA is predominantly a disease of female sex,[5,6,9] male sex is a greater sufferer of advanced disease with dead worms.

There is less chance of Ascaris to get entrance inside the CBD of males due to relatively tight sphincter of Oddi, which at the same time makes the CBD a graveyard for Ascaris if ever it enters.

Amoeba parasites are also very common. As you can from my slide image here, approximately 114 of these little dudes can fit in the eye of a needle, so imagine how many could fester in your body!

They are very common in water, food, and anywhere hygiene is poor. They are commonly transferred by touch, from people preparing food with unclean hands, eating or drinking from unclean dishes and utensils, sexual contact, and again, contact with animals.

Giardia are tough little buggers and can even withstand boiling water!

I’ve coached scores of people with parasite infections that have come to me after being medically tested for parasites and found negative.

The reason this happens so often is that there are only about a dozen parasites being tested for by the medical community at large, yet, as you can learn by Paul Pitchfords excellent book, Healing With Whole Foods, there are a thousand or more different parasites that infect human beings.


I’ve come to find over the years that there are basically two classes of bugs:

1.    Sugar lovers, and

2.    Carnivores.

Sugar lovers typically create problems for anyone that is eating more sugar than optimal for their metabolic needs. Sugar here means any form of carbohydrate consumed in excess, even organically sourced carbohydrate sources.

So, as a general rule of thumb, you can use a hip to waist measurement to determine how great your risk of sugar loving parasites is. If you measure your circumference at your hips, and then again at your belly button, you can determine your hip to waist ration.

In women, the waist (around belly button) measurement should never be larger than 80% of your hip measurement. In men, the waist measurement should never be larger than the hip measurement.

Now, before you ladies go wild complaining that the men get to have bigger waists, it’s different because females have wider pelvises for childbearing.

If your hip to waist measurements are larger than the standard I’ve shared here, it indicates that you are insulin resistant and well on your way to becoming both a diabetic and opening yourself to some potentially serious health challenges with parasites!

Carnivore parasites are, in my experience, more likely to be picked up in jungle expeditions and trips to third-world countries. That said, I’ve certainly noticed a relationship between their prevalence and eating too much meat for your metabolic needs. These bastards can be very nasty! I’d show you some pictures but you’d be scared to ever read my blog again!

STRESS is the number one cause for immune deficiency worldwide. As many of you know from studying my teachings and reading my blogs, managing your stress is essential to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

I can count the number of people I’ve treated with serious or even minor parasite infections who were not stressed out. Being stressed out all the time, regardless of your excuses, is no consolation for Mother Natures garbage collectors.

The function of parasites in nature is to decompose the weak and dead and break them down to usable molecules for soil organisms.

Mother Nature is a tough lover and doesn’t bend her rules just because you keep going to doctors and taking drugs to compensate for your lack of self-discipline!

Over and over and over again, I’ve coached people that have had parasite infections 6,8, 10,12, even TWENTY times, and still didn’t do their part. They just kept taking drugs and looking for miracle pills!


Fungal infections and/or yeast infections are very common among parasite infected people.

Fungal myccotoxins are some of the most dangerous toxins in the world. In fact, they are used in biological warfare. One drop the size of a pin head can kill a rat almost instantly.

When you have a fungal infection, the fungi release chamicals that have been shown to modulate your own immune system, depressing it’s function, and stopping it from recognizing the fungus. This allows them to proliferate, and, with a weakened immune system, you can’t kill down parasites effectively.

Therefore, anyone with a parasite infection should be cleared for fungal infection or yeast infection first and foremost.

I prefer to focus on the fungal infection issues first because I’ve seen that without riding the body of that first, parasites just keep coming back as soon as the parasite drugs wear off. I typically use the anti-fungal approach shared by Doug Kaufamann in his book, The Fungus Link, which we sell at the institute.

If you are wondering what the symptoms of parasite infections are, I’ve make a photo image of one of my slides with the most common ones listed for you. If you click on the image in the blog, it will open the image for you. If you click the image again, it will enlarge to its maximum size to make it easier to read.


I have coached hundreds of people with fungal and parasite infections in my career.

By far the most common cause is just plain old being lazy with diet and lifestyle issues.

MANY of them tell me in consultation that they have read my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, YET, I see little to NO EVIDENCE that they are doing even 10% of what the book offers.

All the while, when I’m looking through their medical records, I see they have gone from doctor to doctor and drug protocol to drug protocol and parasite infection to parasite infection with no avail.

Worse yet!as I’m coaching them, and I am looking at their diet log, inevitably I see far to much processed foods, too much sugar, too many stimulants being consumed, and either too much, or too little exercise being done.

As soon as I start talking about the fact that they need to be:

  • Eating organic foods
  • Eating correctly for their metabolic type as I show in the book
  • Managing stress levels
  • Being careful with the abuse of medical drugs and antibiotics
  • Including exercise in their lifestyle or not over-exercising

The most common words I hear are, “I know that“.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m absolutely sick of people saying “I KNOW THAT”.

99% of the time it means “I don’t know that, I just read about it and I’m too bloody lazy to actually “do what I know!”

I know” is the most common statement made by my students as well!

Please! If you are ever in my presence and you use those words, be warned, within seconds I’ll give you a chance to see if you do actually “know that”.

So far, my students and patients are batting with about a 95% failure rate, so please, save us both a lot of time and hassle.

All you need to do is actually follow the advice given in my book How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy! and my audio/workbook program titled You Are What You Eat! If you do, chances are about 80% that you will never need my help or the help of a medical doctor regarding health issues.

If you do need help, it will be legitimate and I love helping people that legitimately need professional guidance or coaching.

If I never see another “I know that” patient again, I’ll be overjoyed!


If you have done the best you can and still exhibit symptoms of parasite infection or feel you may need comprehensive testing and guidance, there are some options for you.

If you live in the UK or want to get the help of one of the best people I know of for successfully dealing with parasite problems, I’d suggest you look at CHEK Instructor Emma Lane’s web sites:

Emma’s coaching and therapy and you can learn more about her and her services there. Emma has done extensive study in the field of parasites and worked with experts to develop a very comprehensive, effective treatment and coaching model.

I have used Emma as a consultant for patients with serious parasite problems for many years and she’s always gotten excellent results with anyone that follows her program! Emma also has an excellent site where you can purchase a variety of useful supplements, healing aids, and technologies for reducing electromagnetic pollution stress, which is, . Emma does do worldwide consultations by phone and email successfully as well.

In the US and other countries, any HLC 3 practitioner is likely to have the skills to help you to a greater degree than most others that say they work with parasites will.

Those of my instructors and practitioners that practice functional medicine can also be of great help. Though I can’t give a full listing of them all here, the best thing to do is go to and look for HLC practitioners in your area and then contact them to see if they specialize in parasite challenges at all.

Though I can’t give a comprehensive list here, any of the CHEK Institute instructors can help tremendously. Some of the practitioners that I do know of that work with parasites frequently are:

Dr. Kalish:

Dr. Oliver:

Josh Ruben:

Sean Croxton:

Robert Yang:

I’ve also have been working with Coryn Leaman, HHP here in San Diego who has recently formulated a parasite herbal formula that I’ve used and am recommending to my patients and students.

For those of you that would like to learn more about parasite challenges, TEAM CHEK Institute presenter Tommy Toles will be giving the full lecture: Are Parasites Robbing Your Performance? (from which this post information was extracted) in a few months at DCAC Fitness Convention, August 3-7, Hyatt Regency Reston, Washington, DC.

Your health is the foundation of your entire experience and expression of life

Don’t be foolish with your precious life!

Don’t be foolish enough to stick canned and packaged crap in your mouth just because some prostitute scientist has deemed such-and-such a product as scientifically validated.

We have become the sickest people that have ever walked the planet, and it’s all scientifically validated!

What I teach at the CHEK Institute is based on time-tested practices and natural science – the intelligent observation of life and life-forms in their natural milieu.

Enjoy your Health!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek