October 22, 2012

Amazing HLC3 at Billabong Eco Retreat

Happy Day to all,

It is Tuesday here in Australia and we are on Day 5 of HLC3 with the most amazing group of Holistic Lifestyle Coaches throughout Australia – and one from India!

I hope that you have been enjoying my tao-te-zen’s since being off the grid. Vidya got a line out and so here goes!

First of all this retreat setting is my DREAM! I feel in my heart of hearts that by getting away from our day-to-day activities and immersing themselves in focused learning in nature is the ideal way to teach and learn to best transform our ideas about ourselves, establish rhythm and flow, and come together as a tribe.

Donal and Cathy Carr of Place of Chi have resourced an ideal setting for me to teach in. I am very grateful to them for making my teaching tour a easy for me to participate and share my love and joy with my students!

Here you can see Donal and I waving from my cabin.

There is a field across the way with Alpaca that are just so beautiful and gentle.

Our cabin is on a property adjacent to the Billabong Retreat. We take a brisk walk to get to the retreat center.

Here is Vidya and myself in front of the Billabong in the morning beauty.

We climb up the hill to get to the retreat center.


The retreat center is natural, inviting and functional. Here you can see my student’s relaxing on a break.

Our classroom is in a circular room with windows looking into the bush all around, which is conducive for learning and minimizing stress on the eyes and the nervous system.

We have covered a lot of ground these past several days. Tomorrow, I’ll share more about what the students are learning.

I hope you get some quality time in nature. It could change your day!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek