August 23, 2011


Good Day To You!

Well, Penny and I made it home without any of the usual travel hassles. We were wise to follow our intuition to get to the Toronto airport a solid two hours before our flight. The customs hall was PACKED with people and it took us almost an hour just to go through customs.

I got some great reading done on the way home, which was lovely. I brought a great book to read on the trip and a second book as back up just in case I finished my primary read. As is often the case, I literally didn’t have time to read more than a couple paragraphs while in Toronto. It was a very busy trip from the get-go.

On Sunday, the last day of the conference, I gave my lecture titled How To Build Your Own Lifestyle and Living Philosophy. Considering it was a Sunday morning at 7:30 AM, I was amazed at the turnout. I’m guessing there were between 600 and 700 people in attendance.

I had a lot of positive feedback from people at the lecture and many that spoke to me about the presentation seemed genuinely moved. I had a couple ladies very close to my age come to me right after the lecture and tell me that they were so grateful that I was sharing my views about life and how we can all live more peacefully together.

They both stated that it took them most of their life to get to the place of acceptance I was suggesting was the safest, most rewarding place to be in one’s own mind and relationship with self and others. I could really feel their empathy and compassion for those that are lost in the ideas so common, so limiting, and so dangerous in the consensus reality (socially programmed minds).

After the morning lecture was over and I was just about to start teaching my next session, a young man came to me and did his very best to convince me that “God does have needs and does want people to behave a certain way!”

I only had a few minutes to try and eat my apple and catch a breath after having so many people address me after the lecture so I couldn’t spend the time I’d like to have with him.

I always have empathy for such people. I explained to him that what he is doing by holding such beliefs is technically called anthropomorphizing (humanizing) God.

Humans have a innate tendency to perceive everything they see as though the only reality in the universe is the human view of reality, and therefore, think that anything that doesn’t fit their human belief system needs to be changed, or fixed!

I asked him, “do you believe that if there is a God, the best descriptor for God would be Unconditional Love?” “Yes” he said. I then asked, “wouldn’t it represent the creation of conditions to expect any creation under God to behave in a given way?” “NO” he said.

At that point, I knew I was dealing with a mind virus extremely common among those that were programmed with religiously motivated beliefs. People with this virus are essentially incapable of using sound logic whenever it will debunk their own virus. This is because of the defense strategies programmed into such religious systems.

I asked him, “If God is truly “a God”, could God possibly have any needs?” Again, he said “yes”. Again displaying a misunderstanding of what the word God actually means.

I explained that if he’d had an authentic experience of soul-union or union with God, he wouldn’t be having this discussion with me. Many of religious bent think they are having experiences of God-union when in actual fact, most are falling in love with the ideas they’ve been programmed with (God isn’t an idea!).

Now, out of time but facing a man who loves to debate that which he truly doesn’t understand with the fervor of a Christian Missionary, I said, “I’d love to stand here and debate the issue with you. This is my favorite topic. That said, I’ve got a workshop to give right this minute so what I’m willing to do is give you a gift if you are willing to use it.”

He said he was interested. So, I gave him a Canadian two dollar coin and showed him how to use it to inquire as to the validity and value of his own thoughts relative to their ability to create his dreams.

I said, “give me any thought you have about God that you think is true.” At this point, I was rushing because there were over 200 people sitting there waiting for me to start my training with them.

Though I can’t remember the exact example he offered, I know it was something like “God has desires for humans”. I then showed him that if we flip the coin, the opposite or relative counterpart of that thought would be expressed on the heads side of the coin as “God doesn’t have desires for humans.”

I then showed him that by using the coin, we come to see that no thought is any more true than it’s antagonist. I asked him to state a dream. Once we state clearly what our dream is, we can make an intelligent choice as to which thought (heads or tails) will help create our dreams most efficiently.

For example, the thought “God has desires for humans” can only exist because the thought that “God doesn’t have desires for humans” is equally real. If one’s dream were open-mindedness (Freedom), then the heads side of the coin (God doesn’t have desires for humans) becomes the thought that will most likely empower his dream.

I then ran into my next workshop hoping that this lovely soul would use his new coin!

I created this simple exercise so that anyone who is truly interested in achieving an enlightened state can do so. All it takes is practice and a willingness to see how often we choose to act out the disempowering ideas that most cultures at large keep living out, at their own expense and the expense of the planet!

The next workshop, and the last at Can Fit Pro for me was a new presentation – Roll, Wiggle, Crawl and Climb to Walk, Run and Jump Pain Free! – I created to give people an experience of the power of infant development exercises in a short 90 minute block of time.

was able to get a couple great examples to work with as volunteers from the audience. In just minutes, with the most amazingly simple, yet very powerful infant development exercises, the crowd was able to see the immediate improvements in the function of their spines and body as a whole.

Even people without formal training in musculoskeletal rehabilitation saw the changes as obvious. With each successive exercise, the participants could see and feel themselves and their partners changing for the better. Needless to say, the students in my class were sure they’d learned new, effective, practical methods for helping people. I finished my Toronto tour with this very self-empowering workshop.

Penny, Vidya, the CHEK Institute and I want to extend a HUGE “THANK YOU” to Rory Mullin for putting us up and being our host in Toronto. Rory’s generosity and support of the institute can’t be measured. He’s a lovely man that does a huge amount to help people everywhere he goes.

After being on the road lecturing for almost 30 years straight, I’ve reached the point where I’m unwilling to travel long distances and live in often noisy, sometimes stinky places where good food and a decent gym are rare. I can enjoy Toronto because Rory helps provide a lovely home, great food, gets us to good gyms and seems to always have a great sauna and/or steam room in his back pocket!

Rory’s mother also provided us all with EXCELLENT food! Thanks Love!

Thanks to Matt Nichol for sharing his gym with us and giving a great presentation on childhood development in athletics!

Dan Hellman, one of our Faculty instructors at the CHEK Institute also gave a number of excellent presentations. Thanks to Dan, a number of people signed up for advanced training programs right there at the conference. That really helps make these expensive trips worth it.

Mark Stone traveled to the conference to meet with me specifically to review some new presentations he’ll be giving soon. I’m always impressed with Mark’s willingness to keep learning and perfecting his teaching skills! Great to see you Mark!

Thanks to all the amazing CHEK Practitioners that came to my lectures and supported me by helping to answer the myriad of questions coming at me before, after and between presentations. You are all amazing!

Special mention to Phil DeLaire from the Granite club in Toronto. Phil has done an outstanding job of giving CHEK Practitioners a great, well equipped home to grow and develop their skills. I only which I’d had a boss that is as open minded as Phil is when I was climbing the ladder as a practitioner in my earlier years.

Thanks as well to all the other amazing people and practitioners that gave me birthday cards and gifts! I feel Loved!

I’ll be heading out into my garden to stack some rocks this morning and visit with the nature spirits. I’ll then go to Encinitas and have a nice long massage from my buddy Wes Boyce, thanks to Dan Hellman giving me that gift of massage for my birthday! Then I’ll lay in the steam for a while and sweat out the residues from the trip.

We are in the final countdown now before the CHEK Conference! Though I’d love to lounge around for a couple weeks and do nothing, I’ve got new presentations to put together specially for the conference. I’ll get on that as soon as I catch a breath. We are also opening up the Institute and gym for an open house on Thursday, September 1 – hey come and work out with me at 12:30pm!! We also have some other CHEK practitioners leading some great workouts after mine!


Matthew Wallden is here from London teaching CHEK Level 3 as well, so I’ll drop in and visit the students and Matt sometime tomorrow.

That said, and just as importantly, I’ll go in and turn on my beautiful espresso machine so I can share some liquid love with JP sears, Jator and a few key espresso lovers.

If I don’t have time to write a blog tomorrow, it’s because I’m taking my Birthday off to do nothing.

Enjoy your day and don’t be afraid to get a coin out whenever your mind is offering you more challenges than necessary to live the beautiful life of zen.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek