June 26, 2012


Good Tuesday to You!

I had a lovely day yesterday. Gavin Jennings and I went out shopping for some food and I was shocked at how little organic food there was in their biggest and best supermarket here.

I was trying to find some organic Kettle chips and couldn’t find any in the store even thought there was a mountain of the commercial ones.

I had to ask one of the girls working in the store for help and couldn’t help but notice her failing health; as was the case for almost everyone in, and outside the store!

As she approached me her perfume was so strong I could immediately feel it stressing my liver. I noticed she had dark patches all over her body and a very bad skin quality, which she covered with piles of make-up.

This is one case where eating organic food immediately and every day could be a lifesaver! Knowing that there are so many sick people in the world who are being totally misled by large corporations, health services (medical systems), governments, school systems and the like all keeps me going even when I’d love to retire some days.

After I finished training here at Gavin’s gym at CHEK Europe, and we did some shopping, we went to Gavin and Gabi’s home for dinner and a movie.

As I was walking in to Gavin’s home, I saw these beautiful flowers in his garden. Doesn’t it look like the little flower spirits are coming right out and looking at you! I love them.

Gavin put together a lovely dinner. We had a nice big salad with fried duck slices cooked in organic ghee. We ate dinner while watching the movie, Blackhawk down. I’d seen it years ago when it first came out but forgot the plot so it was fun to watch it again.

After that, I headed home for a sleep and got my second night of sleeping through to at least 3:40 AM before waking up. I’m still quite tired and feel like a wet rag in the gym, but I’m slowly catching up on my sleep with little naps her and there. I had a little nap in Gavin’s infrared sauna today, which was great.

After a morning of reviewing Jenni Russell’s new book manuscript: Pelvic Floor Secrets – How To Become Continent and Sexually Satisfied in Six Weeks! in preparations for an interview with her, I headed into the gym. Jenni’s new book will be out soon.

Jenni is a CHEK Exercise Coach and her book is quite comprehensive, even though it is designed for the average reader. There is adequate information for CHEK Practitioners to get a lot of good tips about common problems of pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, and prolapse of the bladder and uterus.

There is also a good chapter for men on prostate issues. Jenni takes a holistic approach to pelvic floor issues, borrowing from my book, How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy, and the CHEK education system.

If you’d like to know more about Jenny Russell’s book, visit: www.pelvicfloorsecrets.com

Here you can see me warming up with some X-Body swings with a medicine ball in Gavin’s gym here at his Centre For Whole Health..

I had a nice leisurely workout of lunging, squatting, Swiss ball knee circles (for core strength) and listened to “Kosmic Consciousness” by Ken Wilber as I was training.

I’ve been through it a time or two before, but Ken Wilber is a guy you need to listen to in layers because each sentence can pack the punch of a zen master’s koan.

One thing I can say for sure about Ken Wilber is that he’s a beautiful mix of scholar and explorer; he’s not just a talking head is what I’m saying.

Wilber’s teachings are probably too deep for the average person to grasp at large, but PPS and HLC students would probably find his Kosmic Consciousness program (from Sounds True) a great aid to the teachings I’ve shared with them.



Gavin has wisely put the CHEK 6 Foundation Principles up on the wall for all the clients to see while working with his CHEK Practitioners at his center.

He also runs the CHEK Advanced Training programs here so it’s good for the students to get the reinforcement too.

Here you can see one of the beautiful assessment rooms in Gavin and Gabi’s Centre For Whole Health. This is a perfect place for the CHEK Advanced Training programs to be run and there is a lot of great organic foods here right off the local farms as well!

Here you can see some of the many excellent products Gavin has available for staff, clients and CHEK students when they visit his beautiful center.

Well, that’s it for me today.

I’m heading to my little resting spot here to relax a little.

Tomorrow I’ve got to finish the slide show for the Barefoot conference with Matthew Wallden and I’ll get a much needed massage and acupuncture too, then towards the end of my day do my PPS Coaching call.

Thursday I’ll fly back to London to get ready for the Barefoot conference and all the media events Friday in prep for my presentation Saturday.

Then! Sunday I fly HOME! Yippee!

You can’t imagine how lovely the thought of my own bed, yard, rocks, gym, and the people I love to share life with at home is about now!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek