October 10, 2012


Hello and Happy Wednesday (Thursday in Australia)!

We had a lovely sunny day to start HLC 2 here at Macquarie Resort.

I began the class by taking my students outside to learn how to assess their breathing patterns.

As I’ve shared before, breathing is at the top of the CHEK Totem Pole. My students found plenty to work with when assessing each other.

There are yoga instructors in class and they found the breathing assessment very interesting and had some great questions about breathing that cleared up some concerns for them.

After we were done with our morning breathing exercises, I began an intensive review of my 1-2-3-4 Approach to coaching clients and solving their body-mind challenges.

I shared the absolute importance of identifying a patient/client’s motive for change before beginning the healing or conditioning process. I spent time teaching them the importance of qualifying a client’s dream/motive.

Many people come to CHEK and HLC Practitioners under the influence of others (often family members) who are pressuring them by telling them they are too fat, or that something is wrong with them.

I explained that the nature of the human ego is that it resists being controlled and when any therapy is done under such false motives, the results are very short lived.

It is FAR better to identify a legitimate dream or goal that is of their own motive if long-term healing is to be achieved.

We then worked through the remainder of the steps of the 1-2-3-4 coaching formula.

Toward the end of the day, I had them apply the formula to themselves. I then brought a few students up front to work through their case.

I took that opportunity to teach them how to use their minds effectively to create what they want in their lives.

The students all found that much of the ideas causing them pain in their lives are the ideas imparted to them by parental conditioning and that they can create and live their own ideas.

Donal and I had a great sprinting and medicine ball session at lunch and got a good sweat in the sun.

Here is beautiful Cathy Carr, who arranged for us to come to Lake Macquarie. She and Donal have been fantastic hosts!

The food has been great overall and the service at the resort is good too. The resort is very clean and beautiful with lots of areas to move and play.

I hope you are all doing great and that you take time to breath deeply through your belly and meditate on which ideas you are living out that don’t work for you any longer.

Creating your own living philosophy is an important step to healing your own ego and cultivating inner-freedom.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek