July 20, 2017

A Great New Product Line

Today, I’d like to share some information about some great natural health products I’ve been testing for a month or so. If you follow my work, you already know I’m not a guy who sells his soul for money to promote weak products. I only recommend and promote products that meet my high core values and personal standards.

The ODNOVA products from Gosha’s Organics fit all of these criteria. The founder, Gosia Reed, is a very skilled product formulator who shares the same core values I do about food, health and quality ingredients in products. I have really enjoyed testing this lovely new product line of herbal infusion foods.

ODNOVA is Polish for “renewal,” “revitalize” and “rejuvenate.” Gosia – who is originally from Poland – crafted these superfood supplements to help people create feelings of harmonization, balance and centering. In other words, these products will help you reach an equilibrium state without over-stimulation, draining the thyroid or energetically unbalancing the entire body. You can see why I feel congruence with these products!

Gosia uses raw honey as a binding component which also acts as a natural humectant and preservative. The products also contain super-concentrated blends of some of the most nutrient-dense elements and botanicals on Earth including:

  • Phytoplankton
  • Bee products
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Adaptogenic herbs
  • Medicinal spices
  • Monoatomic minerals

I like to add them to tea or other hot drinks. Also, you can use them in any of the ways you typically use honey, such as spreading it on crackers or a sandwich or just eating it by the spoonful. I’ve found the quality to be excellent, and my body feels great using them.

Here are the three products I’ve been testing and really enjoy:

ODNOVA ENERGY is a honey fusion naturally designed for the active and athletically inclined. It organically supports the body by elevating stamina and endurance, while improving oxygen utilization. Nourishing the body with turmeric, an anti-inflammatory agent, the superfood formula also provides fast nutritional support on a cellular level, enabling the muscle capacity to rest and recover within a balanced interior.*

I love using this in my morning tea, or after a workout to speed recovery. The taste is excellent!

ODNOVA CLARITY is a superb blend of concentrated ingredients that revitalizes the mind and naturally balance energy levels. For people who are looking for a little more clarity and focus, this superfood is filled with propolis, which contributes to optimal brain function, as well as marine phytoplankton, supporting a more elevated mood and concentration. Naturally reinforcing the brain’s cognitive thinking abilities, Odnova Clarity supports the mind’s function holistically and enables it to achieve an equilibrium state.*

As most of you can imagine, I do A LOT of writing, assessing case histories, grading student homework and research. I’ve found Gosia’s Odnova Clarity excellent for providing mental clarity and stability. My focus is improved for several hours after adding just one flat teaspoon of Odnova Clarity to my morning tea. There is no question regarding the quality and density of nutrition in all of Gosia’s products, and your body will certainly tell you so!

ODNOVA GLO is a carefully curated, nourishing beauty supplement, which promotes youthful and radiant looking skin from within. Naturally nurturing the body with essential vitamins, minerals and active botanicals, this bee pollen formula supports the body’s natural oxygen usage and provides antioxidants where needed. With skin being the largest organ in the human body, it is imperative to feed it with organic ingredients that encourage rhythmic cell renewal, resulting in a more healthy and vivacious looking you.*

This formula is particularly good for women, as it is also a great hormonal balancing vehicle.*

These products have earned my respect! I love what Gosia has created enough to ask her if we can sell them through the C.H.E.K Institute. You can find these three formulas in the C.H.E.K Institute U.S. store. Please try them out. I think you’ll love them!

*Disclaimer – “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”