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October 25, 2017

A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

Ben stacking rocks

Hope you’re having a great week! I’m excited to share a great interview with biohacking guru, elite athlete and nature lover, Ben Greenfield.

Ben is a very cool, fit and highly intelligent man. I was delighted to find him about eight months ago after I kept hearing his name from my students. I listened to a couple of his podcasts and was really impressed with his level of knowledge and authenticity, not to mention his athletic achievements!

Ben enjoys a successful career as a professional athlete and has been an Iron Man competitor and won many Spartan competitions, plus he’s lean and strong like Spider-Man!

A few months ago, Ben came to visit me and we shared a great couple of days together, lifted stones, and he interviewed me for his podcast. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the podcast, you can listen to it here.

Recently, Ben came to visit me for three days, and we got into some deep discussions about life and holistic health along with physical and spiritual development.

A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

Getting taller- the rock stacks I mean

Being a total outdoor and exercise enthusiast extraordinaire, we couldn’t resist another chance to visit the stone Buddhas for some down-and-dirty self-development together.

I used this lovely opportunity to share my experiences and observations of how the process of stone-lifting mirrors our inner-world back to us.

Ben found the experience and our dialogues very intriguing. We had fun, and didn’t leave any blood in the stone circle.

While Ben was here, he was kind enough to share some feedback he’d been getting along the way. When he mentioned my name, a number of people responded by saying things like, “Paul Chek? His stuff is old, outdated…”

I shared that I’d heard such comments before, and that I felt sad that people today have become so entangled in complex ideas that the essentials of life — effective use of mind and rest, eating right for your individual needs, water, sleep, scientifically designed exercise programs and working-in — are often thought to be “old hat.”

In response to those comments, I offered to give him a tour of some of the key elements of C.H.E.K Institute training programs, such as the CHEK Totem Pole and CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program, and took him through my CHEK Life Alchemy process.

A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

Here’s how to place a rock right on top

A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

Our finished workout results









Needless to say, Ben didn’t feel my concepts were at all “outdated.” To the contrary, they fascinated him! So much so, he asked if we could talk about some of the concepts offered in various C.H.E.K Institute programs in a new podcast interview with him.

Naturally, I was delighted to do so, and I’ll share a link to the new podcast with Ben when he releases it. Ben and I found harmony in our living philosophies in many ways. We really enjoyed being together again, sharing conversation, doing exercise and tai chi (I taught him the tai-chi ruler exercise), and marveling at Angie and Penny’s amazing organic food creations.

A Great Interview With Ben Greenfield

Ben works out on my new Elevate Adjustable Rower

Mana really took to Ben and when Ben was outside the house, Mana walked through every room calling, “Ben, Ben, Ben!” because he was having so much fun with him. Ben and his wife have two beautiful twin boys and he’s great with kids.

Ben was fascinated by my new Total Gym rowing machine and gave it a good workout. He loved it! Thanks again to Tom and Jesse Campanaro from Total Gym for the lovely addition to my gym.

I think you’d love this rower too! You can do a lot more than just rowing movements with it. It is amazingly smooth, and allows a wide variety of angular pulling movements. Gravity is the mode of resistance and, like the Total Gym, you can adjust the load by varying the angle of the rowing sled. It also has a beautiful electronic display that gives real-time, useful performance feedback. Learn more about the Total Gym Rower by visiting their website.

My Interview With Ben Greenfield

While Ben was here, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to interview him. We had a lovely discussion and in this interview, we covered these questions and key points:

  1. How I found out about Ben.
  2. Ben shares his background, and how he became world famous for his work in the human performance movement.
  3. Based on his years as an athlete and in pursuit of optimal health and vitality, Ben discusses some essentials that are the “first steps” for anyone wanting to achieve optimal health, vitality and athletic performance.
  4. Having met so many elite people in a variety of fields, Ben talks about his experiences with CHEK Professionals and what makes them unique.
  5. Like me, Ben shares A LOT of information and pathways for people to take to engage in his various teachings and offerings, so I asked him about the best ways for people to learn more about what he has to offer, such as his podcasts and other opportunities.



I hope you enjoy my interview with one of the true leaders in the health and fitness industry, and one of the pioneers of the new biohacking field, which is quite fascinating!

Again, if you’d like to learn more about this amazing man, his now very famous podcasts and what he offers, you can learn more about Ben at

Love and chi,