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December 27, 2012

Sacred Geometry Matrix ~*~

Happy Thursday to You!

I had a great day at the office yesterday. I managed to get into the gym for a nice pushing circuit. I combined heavy dumbbell bench pressing on a Swiss ball with Single Arm Cable Pushes and Clubbell Touch-backs for four circuits. I felt great at the end and was all pumped up like a younger version of myself.

Recently, Donal Carr (my friend, CHEK Instructor & Faculty, and our Australian distributor) sent me a beautiful drawing he did to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar long count, which we now know for “sure” is the beginning of the next long count cycle.

He and his family got away during the holidays and spent some time together at a rustic cabin:

You can see Cathy Carr dong the stork walk in the meadow while Donal is working on his art.

Donal’s drawing is beautiful, and I felt it would be nice to hear the words of inspiration from the artist himself. Donal did get back to me and today, I’d like to share Donal’s words and his art with all of you! Enjoy!

“I would like to share with you my art, I did on 21st out in nature it took me the full day to get this out.

I was siting outside under the canopy of the Cabin and waited to see what would come to me to draw and express. It took awhile for an image to form. 

I saw a collective view of the human body form, balanced in energy and linked to all in the shape of a sacred geometry matrix that empowered the soul, allowing it to unite and connect to a higher consciousness.

It felt right so that was it, that was my drawing that came to me. Now to draw it!!!

This was a complex image and I wanted it to be a 3D type image with depth and a mystical energy felt as I saw it in my third eye.

I started with the body as the central piece and then referenced Cyndi Dale’s book, “The Subtle Body, An Encyclopaedia of Your Energetic Anatomy,” which had an image of rising kundalini on page 280, and which I found matched my image.

I feel very balanced and feel empowered by this. I don’t share my art that much as I do a lot of it, and don’t have an attachment to any one Art piece. 

I do them as a form of meditation and so I leave my judgment and opinion to the side.  I do find it very interesting what others feel and what opinion’s they have of it, as I would love to know, does it have the same effect on other people’s energy field’s????

It was over 5 years ago that you asked my to Draw a Mandala for an exercise we where doing in CP4, it had been 17 years since I left school and had done no art in that time.

So I would like to Thank you Paul for bringing the art back out of me. I love Dr Wayne Dyer’s quote, “Don’t Die with the music, still inside,” which works for me with Art.”



Wishing you a magnificent day – may your Art become manifest as your L0Ve!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek