July 30, 2012


Happy Monday to You!

I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did.

I took some time away from the gym this weekend. To get a little pumping in and some time with nature, Rory and I went out and hiked the hills behind my house.

Friday, Arnold Nerenberg, a power lifter, psychologist, inventor and author came to visit with Rory and I at the house. Arnold and I recently released a new version of his book, The Master Warrior with a section I wrote titled, The Spiritual Warrior.

Arnold, Rory and I had a great day of Native American healing activities together. Among our drumming, chanting, and lively discussions of religion and philosophy, Arnold and I created Arnold’s first rock stack together.

Here you can see the artistic expression of what wanted to come out of us on this special day. When three guys get together with a bunch of paper and art supplies, it can get interesting! I’m glad we got to get this out on paper.

Vidya, Rory and I were pretty active with our artistic expressions this weekend. Here you can see one of each of our creations. Vidya is the top left piece, I’m on the right, and Rory’s butterfly is on the bottom.

Vidya took this interesting perspective shot of me drawing “God’s Cookie Jar” in my back yard while listening to some great music.

Here is another shot of me drawing the light flare on the eye of the being that expresses our yang or masculine nature.

This is one of my favorite photos of my weekend art piece. I called it “God’s Cookie Jar” to exemplify that all existence exists within GOD.

As Pure Potential,

God Creates and Recreates SELF

in and as “self”

Perpetually, Eternally, infinitely.

You cannot take anything away

It has nowhere to go.

You cannot add anything to God’s Cookie Jar




You cannot be “wrong”

Nor “right”

For those are just ideas that give birth to each other,

Like water and fire make steam.

EVERY-THING in the Cookie Jar

Just IS.

Looking in, or

Looking out

creates time.

For the Witness,
there is no time.

Time is for the watchers.

In God’s Cookie Jar

Everything is part of Everything else.

Separation is an illusion created by watchers.

Separation creates fear, but
fear is an illusion.

There is no possibility of separation,
of getting lost in God’s Cookie Jar.

God’s Cookie Jar




That is what you are.

Take All you want form God’s Cookie Jar.

There is nothing there but Pure Potential

The Potential to be who and what you really are,
which is all you can be.

Because you are in, and



Rory drew this cool piece of art. Rory said it symbolizes consciousness as expressed by a balance of left and right brain contribution any act of witnessing.

I see the light in the center as representing the soul, and the two triangles on the sides as representing our male and female natures. When in balance, the soul experiences no gap in perception due to influences by our shadow nature.

Vidya and I have really enjoyed watching Rory’s art evolve over the years. He’s got a style that is unique to his beautiful outlook on life. Vidya and I love to share artistic experiences with Rory whenever we are together. Thanks Rory!

I’m amazed at how Vidya seems to create these delicate feminine drawings that flow and spiral.

Saturday evening as we were watching the sun going down and meditating on our artistic expressions, my friend and CHEK Level 4 Practitioner David Bonde came to have dinner with us. This is David enjoying the beautiful view from our front yard with us. The photo is grainy because I had to remove a lot of shadow since it was shot when the sun was almost down.

David lives and practices in Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s a great physiotherapist as well as having a wide variety of inter-personal coaching skills in his toolbox.

I’ve enjoyed my relationship with David over the years as he went through my CHEK and HLC training programs. It’s lovely to spend time with such a great, loving man who really practices what he teaches. Thanks for sharing some time with us David!

Well, that’s it for the blog today. I thought I’d return to the next edition of the CHEK Totem Pole series tomorrow so the blog doesn’t get too long today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing our weekend with us and look forward to sharing with you more tomorrow.

Love and chi,

Paul Chek