October, 2019

  • Education Vs. Wisdom With Wade Lightheart

    Happy Monday everyone! Education is very important to me. My life is dedicated to spreading and advancing education through the CHEK Institute, the blogs/vlogs I share here and my podcasts. Although education informs your view of the world, that’s only […]

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  • The Kettlebell Crawl

    Happy Monday everyone! I hope your new week — starting with my blog/vlog — is going well! Earlier this year, I shared a couple of infant development exercises — The Bear Walk and Reptilian Crawl — with you. It’s something […]

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  • The DonTigny Knee Reach

    Happy Monday everyone. I hope you’re enjoying my blogs/vlogs every bit as much as I like creating them. If you do, please share them! This week, I’m going to show you how to perform the DonTigny Knee Reach, a corrective […]

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