December, 2016

  • Being True To Yourself

    Happy Monday! I trust your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa celebrations are full of Good Cheer, Love and Abundance! In my blog today, I will share: 1. Being True To Yourself 2. Lotions and Potions for the Adventurer 3. Reflections on George Michael 4. […]

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  • Happy Holidays and The Low Bar Squat

    Happy Monday! Well, the Holiday Season is upon us. For some, that means Santa’s elves are very busy packing the sleigh for the long trip. It just so happens that all the hard work and long hours results in a […]

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  • Balancing The Emotions – A Native American Approach

    Happy Monday! I hope you are all happy, well and excited about the Holiday season. I decided to rest last Monday after teaching HLC 3 for six days, so that is why I didn’t publish a blog last week. I […]

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