March, 2013

  • Rats Healthy Can Eat Your Garbage

    Happy Thursday, It’s been a great week so far. One of my favorite client’s is here working with me for three days. I really love the work that I do. Having clients like mine who are serious about their health, […]

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  • Shit Stepped In is Food!

    Shit Stepped In is Food!

    Happy Tuesday! I had another very busy day yesterday with clients and business meetings, seemed like I didn’t stop until about 9pm. Ahhhhhh, such is the life of a creative man like myself 🙂 This week I’ve got clients here […]

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  • Zero Effort Body Balancing for Everyone!

    Happy Monday to You! I hope you all had a lovely, restorative weekend! I came to work Saturday to catch up on paperwork and write a program for a client and this is the view I had out my window […]

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  • Creating Body-Mind Balance in Your Life (Continued)

    Happy Thursday! I hope you are all feeling as vitalized and excited to greet the day as I am! I had a beautiful day yesterday. Lots of work done catching up with paperwork, client coaching, and PPS Success Mastery coaching; […]

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  • Finding Balance with Weight Loss (Kids and Teens!)

    Happy Wednesday to You! I had a great day yesterday. Sean Croxton (Underground Wellness) and I recorded my presentation for his upcoming SexyBack Summit. I always enjoy working with Sean. He’s easy going, knowledgeable, and does a great job sharing […]

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  • Balance Your Body to Balance Your Mind

    Happy Tuesday to You! I hope you are all enjoying your day. I hope you enjoyed seeing yesterday’s blog, highlighting our recent zen In The Garden Workshop too. We had one of the most enjoyable days in my teaching life […]

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