March, 2013

  • Age Is Working at Life

    Age Is Working at Life

    Happy Friday to ALL! Today I’m off for a little R&R starting with a good deep massage at The Encinitas Massage Center. My muscles are truly sore after my deadlifting and lunging workouts this week. I hope you enjoy my […]

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  • Show and Tell Day!

    Happy Thursday (Friday for me!). I had a lovely day yesterday. My work-In and workout consisted of building a water charger for a client; I’ll share photos below. There have been fun and important messages piling up in my in-box […]

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  • Clouds Block Sun View

    Clouds Block Sun View

    Happy Wednesday! I’m having a great day! I hope you are too 🙂 Today I’m working on creating a water-charger for one of my clients. It’s quite a project so I’ll share more about that tomorrow. Please enjoy my Tao-Te-zen […]

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  • Balancing Your Emotions and Mind (Pt.2 The Basics)

    Happy Tuesday from Heaven! I hope your day is beautiful wherever you are! I had a lovely day of catch-up yesterday after a very busy week seeing clients, and had a good time coaching as well. I got into the […]

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  • Balancing Mind and Emotions (Pt. 1)

    Happy Monday to You! I hope your weekend was restful and fulfilling. I had a fantastic, but busy week and weekend coaching clients and attending business meetings. My work continued with Jason over three days; I posted some photos on […]

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  • The Earth Awakens!

    Happy Friday from Heaven! I’ve been very busy with clients all week here in Heaven. I hope you enjoyed the Tao-te-zen sutra Vidya posted for my blog yesterday. I love the outdoors and I love to share with my clients. […]

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