January, 2013

  • Hello from Heaven! ~*~

    Hello from Heaven! ~*~

    Happy Monday from Heaven! “Heaven” is the name I’ve given to my new office location. It is truly heaven to me, and Vidya too. I don’t think I’ve stopped packing and unpacking for a couple weeks now. It’s been a […]

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  • I’m Moving!

    I’m Moving!

    Happy Friday to You! Well, it’s very busy in my life right now because I’m moving! Amidst all the business, I managed to get into the gym for a good lunging, squatting and cable-pulling workout yesterday. I don’t want my […]

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  • Cause and Effect

    Cause and Effect

    Happy Thursday to You! I had a productive day yesterday. I created time to get into the gym and do some deadlifting. It was my day to go heavy, but after a weekend of rock lifting, I didn’t have the […]

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  • Happy New Year to You!

    Happy New Year to You!

    Its a wonderful day to be ALIVE!! I suspect many of you are relieved that the doomsday interpretations of the Mayan calendar were incorrect ☺. Through the past few years as I read many of the books and reports on […]

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