January, 2013

  • Empty Fullishness

    Empty Fullishness

    Happy Wednesday to You! I hope you are all enjoying your creations each day. I had a fantastic day yesterday. I needed to be outside in nature the last couple days, so I worked on creating rock art instead of […]

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  • The Gong Show!

    The Gong Show!

    Happy Tuesday to You! It’s a beautiful day in Heaven ☺. I had a lovely day and a balance between work and play yesterday. I finished building my new slide show for our next CHEK Institute webinar series, which is […]

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  • 4 Chiefs for 2013

    4 Chiefs for 2013

    Happy Monday! Well, Vidya and I finally took Sunday off to rest after almost three weeks of nonstop packing and unpacking; we still aren’t finished, but we are close. It feels AMAZING to be here living my dream! Vidya is […]

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  • Be Careful Where White and Red Get Together

    Be Careful Where White and Red Get Together

    Happy Friday! Its been a busy day with morning business meetings and a drive back to my office in Heaven. Once I’m here its hard for me to leave! I thought that you might enjoy my Tao-Te-zen sutra, “Be Careful […]

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  • First Thing in the Morning!

    First Thing in the Morning!

    Happy Thursday from Heaven! I hope you are all doing a little something for your own health and vitality each day. Yesterday, I was very busy with business objectives and trying to finish unpacking amidst it all. I needed to […]

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  • Just a Little Something Each Day

    Just a Little Something Each Day

    Happiness to You! I hope 2013 is treating you well so far. I took the day off from gym training Monday. Instead, Vidya and I walked around the property here at my new location with our friends Jeff Brion and […]

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