December, 2012

  • A Singing Cleaning Woman

    A Singing Cleaning Woman

    Happy Friday to You! I hope you are all enjoying the close of a great year. I had a great day yesterday and got into the gym for a nice lunging workout. In the evenings, I’ve been enjoying my artistic […]

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  • Sacred Geometry Matrix ~*~

    Sacred Geometry Matrix ~*~

    Happy Thursday to You! I had a great day at the office yesterday. I managed to get into the gym for a nice pushing circuit. I combined heavy dumbbell bench pressing on a Swiss ball with Single Arm Cable Pushes […]

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  • Enlightened Eating!

    Enlightened Eating!

    Happy Wednesday to You! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day. My day consisted of visiting with my buddy Rory before he flew off to his next destination, reading, drawing, creating in my rock garden, a long meditative […]

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  • The Art of Christmas

    The Art of Christmas

    Happy Monday and Christmas Eve to You! I hope you are having a wonderful day and that the sun shines upon you. I’ve been enjoying a lovely, lazy couple days off with people I love sharing with. Rory is in […]

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  • Its a NEW Day!

    Its a NEW Day!

    Happy Solstice and resurgence of enlightened consciousness! With the passing of the end date of the Mayan calender, we arrive at the present moment on the dawn of a new day. Solstice invites us to welcome the warmth of the […]

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  • Developing Insight

    Developing Insight

    Happy Thursday! I hope you are all enjoying life. I had a lovely deadlifting session yesterday. I warmed up to my training weight of 405 lbs., then I did 3×3, 1×1, 1×3 at that load. I coupled my sets with […]

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