May, 2011



    Good Morning! Wow! I can’t tell you how beautiful it feels to have my feet on soil and hands on rock at home. Vidya fed me wonderful fresh salad and made a nice stir-fry kale and asparagus dish when I […]

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  • Tai~Chi Love!

    Tai~Chi Love!

    HI Everyone! I’m so excited I’m almost home!! Just arrived in LA and I kept the flight attendants entertained for about an hour when I was doing tai chi on the plane. I just got finished doing zen swing here […]

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    G-DAY! As the Aussies say. . . Well, I’ve finished teaching HLC 2 at Myall Shores Resort, a few hours drive from Sydney. HQH, Greg Doherty and his lovely assistant Shara really hosted a great course for us this year. […]

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  • How Life Works: Physical (A-where-ness) Reality ~*~

    How Life Works: Physical (A-where-ness) Reality ~*~

    Happy Monday Everyone! I concluded a fantastic HLC2 course and I’d like to applaud all the new coaches – They will now be able to help a lot of people through coaching their clients with a process that will anchor […]

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