September, 2009

  • Poetry & Art

    Poetry & Art

    Finally!! Some time for myself! I thought I’d share this morning with you all!!! Love & Chi, Paul Journey Home I went to sleep Struck by lightening I Awoke Flowers EVERYWHERE ~0~ Infinite Suns Shining Through Me ~0~ I touched […]

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  • I’m in Gorgeous Hawaii!!

    I’m in Gorgeous Hawaii!!

    I’m here in gorgeous Hawaii teaching Ex Coach. The students have come from all over the world and are very eager learners! Wish I was on vacation, but I’m here with 2 lovely women, Penny and Ashley, who is assisting […]

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  • Why The FDA Can’t Be Trusted

    Why The FDA Can’t Be Trusted

    A few months ago I did an interview for On Fitness Magazine about the FDA and our food sources  and tainted soil. You might be interested in reading it by following this link:

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  • Kuba’s Crystal Healing

    Kuba’s Crystal Healing

    Hello Again! I thought that I’d share a little more of our PPS Lesson 1, How To Find and Live Your Legacy live workshop experience with you (also available on line or DVD at if you feel inspired to […]

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  • PPS Legacy Workshop – LAST DAY!!

    PPS Legacy Workshop – LAST DAY!!

    Hi Everyone!! Welcome to my latest PPS How To Find & Live Your Legacy Practitioners. I wish all of them continued success as they live their core values and follow their bliss!! I look forward to continuing our journey! Love […]

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  • PPS Day 3 Healing in the Park

    PPS Day 3 Healing in the Park

    Sunday morning my students and I went to the beautiful park at the end of Wellington St. for a little morning sun and some energization exercises. We circled up and did quite a bit of toning and then I invited […]

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