August 17, 2009

2 Excellent DVDs Worth Viewing!

“DREAMKEEPER”: On Sunday, 8-16-09, Vidya and I took a ride on my motorcycle…she needs exercise too…We went to the Native American Indian store in Vista. While there, we found two amazing DVD’s. “Dreamkeeper” is a beautiful Native American Indian movie that is very well done. Typically, DVD’s with Native American themes are produced as low budget productions, but this one is in keeping with modern filming standards. The story is of a grandfather, who’s son and grandson suffer greatly from what we call (in PPS Lesson 2 “Mastering Self”) a “transition disorder”. A transition disorder occurs when there is a shift in the external environment relative to one’s internal environment or “belief system”.

Here, Grandfather is a true Native American Indian Storyteller; Storytellers are essentially Medicine People who use story telling as a means of healing; by using stories, they weave themes that explain how life works and why challenges in life occur. The Storyteller’s power comes by way of tapping into the subject’s psyche, where there are essential archetypes that influence our understanding of life and life processes. In this DVD, Grandfather Storyteller, who is in his late 80’s now, works diligently to bring his distraught son back to his family responsibilities as well as reuniting his son with his grandson, who holds a lot of resentment toward his father for abandoning he and his mother. The Storyteller takes his grandson on a road trip to a Native American Powow. Their journey of six hundred miles includes Grandfather’s horse, who endures some wild driving and Grandfather demonstrates his wisdom and compassion for grandson, who tries many times to reject his grandfather’s storytelling as useless myth that does nothing to help him with his challenges with money and his girlfriend.

Through a series of events, the grandson and the son are brought together again, and in the process, come to realize the deep wisdom of grandpa Storyteller. I HIGHLY recommend this DVD to anyone interested in better understanding the deep, healing wisdom of the Native American people. This DVD is an exceptional healing tool for parents, children, and anyone that feels “lost in life”. Though the DVD is about 2.5 hours long, its beauty and depth of meaning make it flow and this story leaves one with a beautiful sense of connection to life as well as an understanding of how life itself is an indivisible “whole”. Both Vidya and I were moved to tears several times, for we both experienced many connections with the challenges and stories told as they pertained to our own life challenges.


The next DVD I’d love to share is “Native American Healing In The 21st Century”, from the “Circle Of Life” series. This program includes a variety of authentic Native American Medicine People, and a very wise physician who uses both traditional Western medicine and Native American medicine together for an optimal outcome.

In this well done program, you will learn about the healing powers of many medicinal plants, as well as the deep value of an integrated approach to healing, as practiced by the Native American peoples. You will also get the opportunity to see how Native American Indian medicine became woven into Western medicine as white man’s culture merged with Indian culture; there are over 200 drugs sold today that are extracts of plant medicines that originated from Native American healing practices. The DVD highlights the benefits of going to the plant sources for what is often a more complete form of medicine; synthesized drugs are attempts by drug manufactures to patent, or to “own” natures healing secrets, yet, as society is now realizing, there is nothing better than Mother Nature’s original remedies in most cases!

I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who feels the impulse to better understand the principles of natural healing. This program is also a great one for those with diseases that are not making adequate progress through traditional western medical approaches. This program is beautifully filmed. One thing I’d like to share though; The program is not formatted as most DVD’s, and therefore, may not just start right up and offer you the “Play Movie” option. I had to hit play on my DVD player to get the movie started. Before you get frustrated and think there is something wrong with the DVD or your player, once it loads up (and appears to be hung up), simply hit play on your remote and you should be off to the races…

Love and chi,

Paul Chek