July 25, 2016

Embracing Silence Meditation

Happy Monday to You!!

I hope you are living your dreams each day.

In my blog today, I will share:
1. Embracing Silence Meditation
2. C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completion
3. CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching In Practice With Marya and Noa
4. Show-N-Tell with Paul

Embracing Silence Meditation


We are all in the bellows of the information age.

The flow of media coming at us today exceeds anything ever experience by people even twenty years ago.

The challenge with such massive streams of information is that people begin to identify themselves with images and words as though they were real, as though the information is somehow life itself.

People come to me for help from around the world, and one of the most common challenges they face (often stopping them from healing and growing spiritually) is an inability to give themselves space within and around them in silence.

It is very common for people of all ages today to have an unconscious urge to fill every moment of stillness with some form of media interaction.

Many tell me that they can’t sit still, can’t find a pause between thoughts, and can’t meditate because their minds won’t hold still…won’t stop generating a ceaseless stream of thoughts; most of which have no value or creative import.

Being swept up by the tide of information and “digital relationships” often decreases productivity, and the ability to think effectively, constructively, or creatively, there are no gaps for introspection, no time to feel or sense what is authentically rising from your core.

Such chaotic mindscapes are not the home of intuitive insights, but are the stuff anxiety is made of.

When we consider that the mind can allow a myriad of thoughts to pass through in any given moment, but the heart must feel to connect, it is easy to see why so many fall into perpetual meaninglessness.

When we hug someone we want to share love with, we typically don’t want to rush; to do so changes the meaning of a hug from “I love you” to “let’s make this quick, I’ve got other things on my mind.”

There is no juice there.

We used to send our lovers love letters.

Now it is more likely that they will get a text or a tweet…

Most people today don’t even take the time to say “I Love You!” to themselves; the result is an unconscious or conscious hope that someone else will make them feel loved.

Living this way would be like being a coyote sitting on the side of a busy road, hoping someone will stop and feed it a rabbit; the coyote is more likely to be shot and stuffed than fed and loved.

Today I share a very simple, but powerful meditation I created to help my clients/patients, my students, and myself.

Even a few minutes can calm your mind and help you learn to embrace the silence.

Embracing the silence helps us put gaps between thoughts and events, which enhances our ability to create order within, and around us.

By creating order, or ritual, we regain a sense of rhythm in our minds and our day.

This is essential if one wants to use their mind for constructive, creative thinking as oppose to just becoming a mindless parrot of whatever the media moguls want to program you to say, do, wear, and spend your money on.

I hope you enjoy this simple meditation today:

C.H.E.K Institute Advanced Training Program Completion

Exercise Coach, Sydney AU with Donal Carr and Matt Sorensen

ExCoach Sydney Donal Carr Matt Sorrensen

Congratulations to our newest CHEK Exercise Coach students who just completed their training with Senior Faculty Donal Carr and CHEK Mentor Matt Sorensen, in Sydney, Australia!

I’m sure you were all excited to have such depth available to you in your instructors and imagine you are more confident in your ability to assess clients and design highly effective exercise programs than ever before!

Thanks for sharing your love with the world and blessings on your path each day!

CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching In Practice With Marya and Noa

I just finished an awesome three-day CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Intensive with my client Marya, and her 18-year old son, Noa.


Noa is working hard to make his way through the ranks as a race car driver in the drift racing scene in Oregon, and Marya is continuing her life-path work with me as well.

Marya Noa and Paul BB Mandala

We created a joint mandala on my black board together to start our work together. We put time into clarifying each of their dreams and then used the CHEK 1-2-3-4 model for holistic living to identify their unique 4-Doctor core values so they know exactly how to support and nurture their dream, goals, and objectives effectively each day.

I worked with Noa to identify his chief working archetype (The Driver), with a sub-archetype being The Mechanic.

Together, we created an archetype pyramid (I teach you how to do this in the upcoming CHEK 4-Quadrant Mastery Workshop).

We then looked carefully at each of their stated 4-Doctor core values and identified what an extreme positive expression would be (such as fixation, fanaticism, or addiction), and what an extreme negative expression would be (such as non-participation).

From there, we could more easily find the Tao – the middle path to balanced expression of their working archetypes.
Morning tai-chi Paul and Marya

Our work included simple tai-chi (work-in) practices to help calm our bodies and center our minds; you can see Noa practicing “the habit” of going to the special place for work-in practice chosen, and laying down and taking a nap when that feels like the most honest expression of working in at that moment.

This way, there is participation in the ritual, and the habit of working-in is reinforced, yet there is no rigid dogma or pressure to “do, do, do”.

Just “being there” is 80% of the challenge for most people, so we always want to work with that practice for developing good habits.

Noa painting
Here you can see Noa painting symbols that encapsulate his three-day experience.

He came to realize that his body is his temple, and to reach his goals as a race car driver and mechanic, he can choose to care for his body each day.

There’s not much we can do in life without a body, and when it’s not working or feeling good, our experiences are dampened.

I created this painting as a gift for Noa.

He did such an amazing job of fully participating in our work together for the three days, I felt he really showed Heart, Love, and was letting his light shine through him.

Vidya, Marya, and I were all very impressed with this amazing 18 year-old race car driver.

Buddha the path
As I shared with Noa (and Marya, who has done this work with me but came to support Noa), we cannot travel the path until we become the path itself.

This is the very premise my upcoming CHEK 4-Quadrant (C4Q) Workshop in San Diego Ca., September 15-18, 2016 is built upon.

When we become the path, coaching/guiding others to, and to becoming their own path is easy and enjoyable.

Buddha cage of 5 sense text
When we get too distracted with fleeting thoughts, feelings, and external distractions that take us away from our central relationship with ourselves, and our dreams, we usually start feeling caged, anxious.

When we are clear on what our dream, goals and objectives are, and the importance of keeping our body and mind healthy so we can create efficiently, life gains a lot more meaning and joy for us.

If you are ready to commit yourself to learning how to reclaim your own heart and mind, find your own Tao, and become the path so you can help others, my upcoming CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery Workshop will be medicine for your soul.

If you come to the upcoming C4Q workshop in San Diego, you can meet Marya.

She is an amazing woman who devotes her life to protecting natural resources from large corporations for the public, creating homes and shelters for crack cocaine babies, and supporting underprivileged children around the world.

To learn more about the C4Q Workshop, view a testimonial, or register, click here: CHEK 4-Quadrant Coaching Mastery Workshop

Thanks for sharing all your love, passion, and commitment to being all you can be Marya and Noa!!

Show-N-Tell with Paul

Our little man just had his 5-month birthday, so Momma dressed him up for the occasion.


We are all amazed at how fast he’s growing each day!

My son, Paul Chek Jr. (now 36 years old), came to visit us and meet his baby brother.

PJ and Mana sitting

It was lovely to see my son Paul and share Mana with him. Here you can see Paul working with Mana to help him master sitting up on his own.

These guys had a lot of fun together and they seemed to be able to keep each other smiling endlessly, which is so much fun to see and be part of!

Mana recently learned how to stick his tongue out. Here he’s showing his big brother his “new trick”. So cute!

Angie, Mana, Paul Jr. and I all had a lovely day.

Saturday, I came to Heaven where I do most of my painting.

Adam and Eve PC acrylic 7-25-16

I’m still working on this painting, but I am having great fun.

I’ll share more about what it means when I finish it, but hope you enjoy looking at it and experiencing what it says to you.

Thanks for joining me on my blog today.

I look forward to sharing more with you next week!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek