September 21, 2012

“Three twos imbalanced fall apart”

Happy Friday everyone!!

I’m taking the day off to go get a massage and a steam at the Encinitas Massage Center. My good friend Ryan Hughes is going to meet me later for some time where we can do some art and tea.

Then later this afternoon I’m doing an interview with someone that Troy Casey recommended. Even though I’m talked out after HLC3, apparently this guy has a great reach in the marketplace. I’ll share a link once I know where it is going.

Later this weekend I have some friends visiting what are great fans of mine and who sincerely embrace the CHEK path. I look forward to meeting with them them tomorrow and Sunday.

Next Wednesday, Vidya and I leave for our Australian tour – 6 weeks! Wow, I hate to be gone so long, but it will be fantastic to see my students down under. We will be staying with CHEK Faculty Donal and Cathy Carr.

We have some really important seminars and courses lined up. For anyone who wants to attend any of the seminars or you are still sitting on the fence with HLC2 or 3, you can register at I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Please enjoy my Tao-Te-zen today: “Three twos imbalanced fall apart!

There are two forces together—one cold and one hot
Eclipsed, nature emerges in their “hold”
Their “One” becomes the other
And you are in between.

They create the earth, the water, and fire—
Three Twos
They make the air you breathe conscious as the universe
As one hand holding fire.

Practice breathing,
Clear with fire,
Learn to feel your waters flow.

There is a dance they do together
And this pot the mother holds.

With your look, you start them dancing,
With your breath, they come undone.

When your love brings them together in you,
You are forever One.

So in this sutra, if we take all the things I shared with regard to the three two’s balanced, and know that to the degree that we are out of tune with what makes us balanced, we increase the likelihood of entropy or loss of form, which equates to loss of function.

For example, how far away can the shape of the foot get before it no longer functions effectively as a foot?

Well, all anyone has to do is share their experience of having their big toe removed and how radically that can change the way a person walks and you can see that the loss of even one toe is enough of change in the form to change the function.

So if we don’t manage ourselves appropriately then systems, organs, glands and tissues begin to fall apart.

If we don’t manage ourselves effectively mentally, then our relationships begin to fall apart.

If we don’t manage ourselves spiritual, then we’re simply confused.

So in the Sutra practice lesson when I say, “There are two forces together—one cold and one hot, eclipsed, nature emerges in their “hold”, their “One” becomes the other and you are in between,” what I’m saying is, you in body are one becoming the other, and you in consciousness are the in between.

Consciousness is neither Yin nor Yang, it is the absolute stillness that allows vibration to exist, just as the ocean gives us a platform for waves to exist.

That means that Yin, the emptiness—the stillness—the non-moving, is the hand holding fire—the light, the moving, the perceptibly real or distinguishable.

You are made of that, but if you identify with yourself as the impermanent body or matter then you are creating what is called existential separation; you are getting away from the truth of yourself.

And because most people inherently seek safety and security as a necessary form of stability for their psyche, to the degree that you depart from the truth of yourself you’re likely to run into trouble because everything that you think gives you safety and security is highly transitory.

And through learning to control your breathing, you can learn to control your mind, which allows you to begin to see things as they really are.

It means that as you breathe you bring prana, chi, life force into your body at which time the elements are both dismantled and reassembled to create the flow of life.

The mind in symbiotic relationship with body creates emotion, yet if we don’t care for ourselves effectively, the emotional field can overpower the mind field.

Most people have become so dead to themselves that they need tremendous emotional vacillation in order to feel themselves, which can make for challenging relationships.

Remember that as big as the universe may seem, the perceptible universe (that which contains it) is imperceptibly more vast than the universe itself, because all things created are created of vibration and silence has no beginning or no and—it is eternal.

The truth (as hard as it is to wrap your head around), the truth of God is that there is nothing here; and this has never happened.

So, as you learn to still your mind, to go into no-mind or silence, then in One you bring the two together and “you are forever One,” which means you reach cosmic consciousness or enlightenment at which time you become fully conscious of the truth of yourself.

Once you’re in harmony with nature you feel safe in nature. Once you are in harmony you feel safe within yourself. Once you feel safe you, let go of fear, which is the primary driver of mind.

Its all about balance.

Stillness is an invitation, at which time all things perceptible as things, cease to exist and you become one.

If in doubt, just follow your breath and allow your heart-love to be as one.

Have a great weekend!

Love and chi,

Paul Chek