January 26, 2011


Hello dear friends,

How fortunate many of us are right now.

We are in a very unique time. For most of us, there is no war stopping us from eating, loving and living – at least here in the continental US. We are in a time of high-technology, which allows us to connect to each other, and to learn from each other worldwide. We can easily become aware of the ramifications of our decisions as human beings. We can choose to be aware that past choices have damaged the earth’s precious top-soils, polluted the waters of the world, poisoned the sky, and that we are, at large, all contributing to overheating (inflaming) the planet with unnecessary use of coal powered electrical generators, fossil fuels, weaponry, and over consumption of processed foodstuffs, largely produced by commercial farming.

The human being is the tip of the evolutionary sword; the crown jewel of nature as we know it. We are the most creative of all living beings, yet it is largely due to the sacrifices of the little beings in the soil, the creatures of the sea, the animals of the land, and the birds of the sky that we have been afforded the opportunity to test and experience our creative potential. We are the keepers of the garden, and it is the garden that feeds us and gives us a home.

“NOW” is the time go give thanks to, and for all that has allowed our becoming. We can all give authentic thanks by:

1. Connecting to our food each meal, opening our hearts, and inviting the spirits of the food we are now to consume into our being. We can let the spirit-souls of each family of beings know that we are aware of their sacrifice for our being and that we intend to use their love and life-force for the betterment of self and for all.

2.Taking care not to be abusive or participate in unnecessary over-consumption; we can recycle, compost, share transportation, and give away the items that we no longer use, but may be a great gift to those less fortunate than we are.

3. Becoming aware that how we behave “NOW” LARGELY determines what we will experience next, soon, tomorrow, next month, next year; many who have been living unconsciously will die, leaving their children to experience the reality of their unconscious parents and family members. When we truly love our friends and family, we have the means to learn to love all life; that love is not effectively expressed by words alone, but by actions that are life affirmative.

I drew this art piece from a vision I had a few years ago. If you relax as you look at it, you may see that man is everything, and everything is man. That said, man is the being in nature with the greatest capacity to change the reality of The Garden. When man is unconscious, man is dangerous to all that man is. When man awakens and becomes conscious, man has the capacity to love and heal all that has given him the opportunity to survive his own process of awakening.

Ideas that don’t cultivate holistic health and awareness are not worth sharing, yet, the wisdom gained on the path leads to an authentic desire to give thanks now. Sharing your wisdom with those who are sleepwalking around you as a living example of self-responsibility and appreciation for life is the true wisdom of the elders.

I invite you to join me in giving, and living thanks today, tomorrow, “NOW”.

Love and chi,
Paul Chek