June 13, 2012


Happy Wednesday to You!

I got about four hours of sleep last night. The days are incredibly long here right now. . .

This photo was taken from my window at the Blomberg’s about 8:15 PM today and it will be this light until about 11:00 PM or so.

The sun rises very early. Even though I’m very tired from not sleeping and jet lag, the light is surprisingly stimulating.

Today I taught my course titled, Equal But Not The Same, which is all about the things you need to know about females if you are gong to condition them effectively.

I had about half physiotherapists and half personal trainers. The group was fun to work with and full of beautiful Swedish and Norwegian girls!

Guys, if you want to find a babe, come this way! The only place you can find more beautiful girls is Russia.

Here you can see me teaching how to use the 4 Point Transverse Abdominus Activation.

This lovely lady had some substitution patterns so I’m glad I got her as a demonstrator. Now she knows how to correct herself and prevent a future of unwanted pain!

Here you can see me teaching the Bent Over Row exercise.

There’s actually 41 people in the class but many of them are out of camera view. The students had lots of good questions today and they were fun to work with.

Tomorrow I’ll teach my one day workshop on weight lifting technique to 52 students, which will give me a chance to get some exercise in while teaching.

Gunnila Blomberg has been making some great food for me too. Tonight I came home to have some salad, baked salmon, some organic potato chips, and I topped it off a couple squares of good local organic dark chocolate.

I don’t normally eat too much chocolate because it bothers my body, but I was so tired that my body was craving a lift and I thought, “hell, why not eat something fun and enjoy a little boost!”

I hope you are all enjoying yourself wherever you are in the world.

Hopefully the sleep gods will come visit me tonight and bring deep rest!

May they bring the same to you too!

Love and chi,
Paul Chek